Euphoria again: Loreen wins Melodifestivalen to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2023

Loreen Sweden Eurovision 2023 |

Eurovision 2023 is an eagerly anticipated event for fans of music and pop culture.

This year, Sweden will be represented by Loreen, a former Eurovision winner whose song “Euphoria” won the song contest in 2012.

Loreen won Melodifestivalen, one of Sweden’s biggest TV shows, on Saturday night, securing her place in the Eurovision line-up. The announcement completes this year’s line-up with a total of 37 countries represented.

Loreen Eurovision 2023 entry, Tattoo

Entries selection

Choosing a Eurovision entry is typically done in two ways: an internal selection – an act chosen behind the scenes – or a national selection – a TV show with the winner getting to fly their country’s flag at the contest.

In Sweden, the latter is usually the case, with Melodifestivalen being the platform for choosing Sweden’s Eurovision representative. The show has become a tradition and has gained immense popularity in the country, attracting millions of viewers each year.

The decision to participate in Eurovision is not always an easy one, and Loreen’s experience is no exception.

Although she eventually accepted the offer to represent Sweden, she initially declined the opportunity. She needed a lot of convincing to take part again and took four weeks to consider the opportunity before ultimately deciding to participate.

“They popped the question, the answer was ‘it’s not gonna happen,'” she said in an interview with the BBC Eurovisioncast podcast. “It took me four weeks [to decide]. It was more like, ‘what can I say in this? Do I have anything to give again? I think I’m a little bit more chillax now so I’m going to have more fun with it.”

For fans of Eurovision, the contest is a highlight of the year. The event brings together people from all over the world who share a passion for music and pop culture. Although the seats inside the arena are limited to around 6,000 this year for each show, about 160 million people watch the competition annually.

The Eurovision contest is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, with each country bringing its unique style and flavor to the stage.

Liverpool: city with rich music history

This year’s Eurovision contest will be held in Liverpool, a city that is steeped in music history. Liverpool has produced some of the biggest names in music, including The Beatles, and is considered a hub for music lovers. The city is excited to host Eurovision, and tickets for the nine shows sold out in 90 minutes. However, fans have been warned that their hotel bookings are being targeted by cyber-attacks that could put their data at risk.

The Eurovision contest has always been a popular event, but it has gained even more significance in recent years. The contest has become a platform for showcasing diversity and inclusivity, and it has also provided an opportunity for countries to promote their cultures and traditions. Each year, the contest brings something new and exciting to the stage, with acts ranging from traditional ballads to upbeat pop songs.