From school parties to Eurovision: the wild ride of Måneskin

maneskin eurovision story

Måneskin, the Italian rock band, is taking the world by storm. The band members Damiano David (vocals), Victoria De Angelis (bass), Thomas Raggi (guitar) and Ethan Torchio (drums) have been making music together since middle school, and their chemistry is evident in their electrifying performances.

When they won Eurovision 2021 with ‘Zitti e Buoni’, they delivered a much-needed post-pandemic protest anthem that spoke to people worldwide. Now, two years later, Måneskin talked about their journey so far and their latest album, Rush.

The band members met at middle school and discovered their shared love for music. After rehearsing and playing at school parties and in restaurants, they started making their own music videos and gained a following that eventually led them to appear on television. But it was their Eurovision win that changed their lives.


Rush is their first album after their Eurovision breakthrough, and it is clear that they have matured as musicians. While their previous albums had a balance of English and Italian lyrics, Rush has more English lyrics, reflecting the band’s international travels and influences. They have also become more comfortable with themselves and with each other, trusting their instincts and giving each other space to be creative.


The band members have different musical influences, but they manage to blend them together in their music. On Rush, they mix Radiohead with Queens of the Stone Age and Idles, creating a sound that is uniquely their own. They also pay homage to their roots with three Italian songs on the album.

But it is their punkish song ‘Kool Kids’ that stands out as the most personal song on the album. For Ethan, punk is about freedom, and ‘Kool Kids’ embodies that sentiment.

For Victoria, the song is about being true to oneself, not following the crowd. For Thomas, ‘Gossip’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Sleep’ are the most personal songs on the album.

And for Damiano, the whole album is personal.

Måneskin is a band that keeps it real. They don’t let fame get to their heads, and they continue to write music that speaks to people. They understand that music is universal, and they want their fans to enjoy their music regardless of the language it is sung in.

As they gear up for their biggest year yet, Måneskin is a band that is here to stay. They are proof that rock and roll is not dead, and they are keeping it alive for a new generation.