Samanta Tīna overcomes health struggles to represent Latvia at Eurovision

Samanta Tina Latvia

Latvia’s music sensation Samanta Tīna is ready to represent her country at Eurovision 2021 with her song “The Moon Is Rising”. This is not the first time Samanta has been selected to represent Latvia at the competition. In fact, she was originally selected for Eurovision 2020, but the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Samanta was given a second chance and has been internally selected by Latvia for this year’s competition.

Samanta Tina – The Moon is Rising

So, who is Samanta Tīna? Here are some interesting facts about the singer:

Early days

Samanta Tīna’s music journey began in 2010 when she appeared on the Latvian talent show O!Kartes akadēmija. She won the series, beating three other finalists, and was given the opportunity to attend the acclaimed Tech Music School in London. Samanta’s talent and dedication to music didn’t go unnoticed, and she was later invited to participate in the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, where she placed second.

Musical journey

Samanta’s passion for music led her to compete in various national and international competitions. In 2014, she appeared on The Voice of Lithuania and impressed the judges, finishing in the top eight. Samanta also participated in the New Wave competition in 2016, where she showcased her music talent and left a lasting impact on the Sochi stage.

Persistence pays off

Samanta has made numerous attempts to represent Latvia at Eurovision, competing in the national final several times before finally winning in 2020 with her song “Still Breathing”. She has faced rejection and disappointment but never gave up on her dream. In fact, Samanta’s persistence and determination have made her an inspiration to many aspiring musicians.

Not just a performer

Samanta is not just a performer, but also a composer. She has co-written several of her own entries for the Latvian national finals, including “The Love Is Forever” in 2016 and “Cutting the Wire” in 2019. For her 2020 Eurovision entry, she teamed up with Latvia’s Eurovision 2015 icon Aminata Savadogo to write “Still Breathing”. Samanta proudly asserted on the song, “Life is music, I am a composer!”. The pair reunited for “The Moon Is Rising”, along with Oskars Uhaņs.

Passion for Eurovision

Samanta’s passion for Eurovision goes beyond performing. In 2019, she made the competition a part of her academic work, choosing it as the topic of her graduating paper. Her paper analyzed the national selections in Latvia and Lithuania, two shows that she has first-hand experience with.

Unforgettable moments

One of the most memorable moments in Samanta’s career came during Supernova 2016, Latvia’s national final for Eurovision. Samanta had entered two songs in the competition, and after the semi-final performance of “The Love Is Forever”, she shocked everyone by announcing live on the show that she would be withdrawing from the competition. She felt that she did not have the best song and believed that Justs should win with his song “Heartbeat” – which he eventually did.

She is a shining superstar in Latvia’s music scene, and her persistence, dedication, and talent have brought her to the international stage of Eurovision. We can’t wait to see her perform “The Moon Is Rising” and represent Latvia at Eurovision 2021.