Shubham Goel’s venture from reality to global affairs

Shubham Goel The Circle

You might recognize Shubham Goel from his appearances on The Circle – he’s the guy with the infectious smile and authentic personality that won over audiences from all over the world.

We enjoyed getting to know him in this exclusive interview, so just like in The Circle, we came back for seconds. In this another exclusive interview, he spills the tea on his experience on the show, what he’s doing at the United Nations, and his plans for the future.


Shubham was all about the adventure when he signed up for The Circle. He saw it as a chance to prove that being yourself is more than enough in both the real and digital worlds. His game plan was to be genuine and connect with people on a real level, and boy did it work!

Shubham on The Circle’s Season 5

Circle of friends for life

But the most unforgettable part of the show for Shubham wasn’t the game itself – it was the bonds he formed with the other contestants. Meeting everyone in person after the game was a real-life “aww” moment, and the friendships they made on the show have continued to this day.

Expanded circle

Since appearing on “The Circle,” his life and popularity has certainly taken off.

He’s now interning at the United Nations, working in tech, and finishing up his masters at Oxford – this guy is seriously crushing it!

Yes! I joined the United Nations on the peacemaking and political affairs team as an intern! It’s been super fun! The team is incredible. I have always been interested in global affairs since a young age! Probably started when I did Speech and Debate in high school. I found global public affairs really interesting and exciting. I definitely would love to keep doing more work in the public service / global affairs aspect.

Shubham Goel

But he’s not stopping there. He got his sights set on the entertainment industry, and he’s hoping to do more film and TV work in unscripted, hosting, comedy, and acting roles. And oh, we enjoyed his little cheeky banter with Chloe Veitch in this supposed episode of Love is Blind.

What’s next?

When we asked Shubham about other shows he’d like to join, he threw out some pretty fun ideas – Outlast, anyone? And he’s got his eye on shows like Selling Sunset and The Mole too. This guy is definitely not afraid to take risks and have some fun along the way.

Yes Outlast is incredible! I would love to do that show. I also love real estate! Would love to join Selling Sunset, or The Mole or many other shows at Netflix! 

Shubham Goel’s story is inspiring, and it’s clear that he’s going places. With his passion for global affairs and his talent in the entertainment industry, we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. Keep slaying, Shubham!